Where To Place the Reins on the Perfectly Bitless Bridle (PBB)

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Where To Place the Reins on the Perfectly Bitless Bridle (PBB)

Question: Where to affix the reins on the PBB (Perfectly Bitless Bridle)

So I attached mine “behind” the leather bar, so if under saddle I leaned over and peeked, I would see my rein and then the snap to the rein, then I would see it on the round ring and then next to that the leather bar that goes under the chin.

Rhonda connected hers closer to the horse’s mouth and not under the chin like I did.

Which way?  Where should we be attaching the reins on the “O” ring I think is the question.
We are total sticklers for detail!

Ann E. Bastin


Answer to the Question:

Details are good.  The PBB is designed for both uses and more.  (I’ll get to the more at the clinic.)

For Rhonda she is using it as a SIDE PULL.  Good if your horse needs more lateral work or is young and just getting started.  It works  more like a

Perfectly Bitless bridle Rein placement

Place The Reins According to the Horses Needs

SNAFFLE in that position.  This will be good for Rhonda because she needs to work laterally with her horse.  She needs to be using a lot of lateral transitions in order to slow “Cash” down and build a RESPONSIVE FOUNDATION.

Ann, the way you have yours attached at the bottom, allows a rider to take a horse that is well broke (IN THE BRIDLE),  that already understands pressure and is giving naturally when driving the energy from the HIND QUARTERS  up into the BRIDLE with ease, which is called collection.

This under position, or what I call STRAIGHT UP, will achieve more with your horse if you have Blue Moon SOFT IN THE FACE, working off all four corners.  Blue Moon is not well broke yet, but is on his way.

With that being said, you still need to start with Blue Moon at the bottom and we will work on getting both of you softer and more effective.  I can’t wait to work with you on this at the clinic.  You will learn how to make a soft horse, you can collect from the rear forward without pulling all the time.  Your horse will become much more giving in the PBB (Perfectly Bitless Bridle).  I think you are already realizing that.

The answer is, you are both right and using it correctly….HURRAY!

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  1. I use mine both ways, depending on what I am working on that day or even which horse I am using. Since I ride a Tennessee Walker and a Quarter Horse. The TW is traditionally trained with a long shank bit so when riding on the trail she will respond to the area of pressure from the top so I attach the reins to the bottom, however when I am in the arena or working from the ground I use it on the side to help keep her lateral motion. For the QH I use the side pull because she was originally trained with a snaffle bit and has worn a very short shank bit. The work that I do with each horse is very different. The TW is more for pleasure and trail riding and the QH is more of a working horse and I plan to do more cattle work with her. The great thing is that no matter which way works best for your horse by using the Perfectly Bitless Bridle you have the choice of using it either way without having to change out your bit or bridle.

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